Election Property Flash

—16th December 2019

The Conservative victory is already leading to a rush of property deals closing, some even before Christmas. Here, the RedBook Agency analyses what a buoyant market means for buyers wishing to undertake major improvement and restoration projects and their choice of creative talent

Thanks to the Conservative Party’s phenomenal election victory, a ‘political earthquake’ as Boris Johnson described it in the early hours of Friday morning, confidence is flooding back into the property market. Estate agents and property-search agents in London and the country are already reporting a leap in the number of sales, with ink drying on deals that have languished in lawyers’ drawers for months, as the cloud of political uncertainty finally lifts.

So what does it mean for anyone buying a home and intending to improve it or purchasing land to build a new house on? It can only mean that the best interior designers and architects are likely to be harder to hire due to an anticipated surge in demand for their services. ‘We are expecting to be completely run off our feet in the next 6 to 12 months with new clients,’ says one leading London-based practitioner.

Many of the most accomplished interior-design and architecture studios are small, often numbering 20 or so individuals or fewer. And while many of them have had a relatively quiet year, they have in general continued to work at capacity or close to it. So as demand increases they are likely to be able to pick and choose which projects they work on, while clients wanting to hire the best creative talent look set to face strong competition, and potentially higher fees.

The RedBook Agency is known for enjoying close and longstanding relationships with the best creative practices in Britain, handpicked by its distinguished advisory board. So RedBook will enable clients to access the best of the best, even in the most competitive conditions — in effect to get to the head of the queue and benefit from the preferential service that comes with being introduced to designers by a trusted source. Please call us if we can be of help, and in 2020 we will continue to bring you our expert RedBook Guides on all aspects of getting property projects off the ground successfully and avoiding pitfalls.

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