Dominic Bradbury

Advisor on contemporary architects and contemporary design


Dominic Bradbury is a leading writer on contemporary architecture and design. His many acclaimed books include Mid-Century Modern Complete, The Iconic House and The Iconic Interior. He also contributes to numerous magazines and newspapers in the UK and internationally, including The Telegraph, The Financial Times, Wallpaper and World of Interiors.

‘Context is really important in every sense,’ says Dominic, ‘and I particularly value architects and designers who spend a good deal of time thinking about the context and setting of a project. It is one of many reasons to make absolutely sure that you make the right choice of architect or designer and find someone ready to engage with the themes that you want to explore.’

Dominic lives in rural Norfolk with his wife and three children, after living in London for many years. He has designed his own contemporary but contextual new natural home, which he plans to build one day.