Sandy Mitchell’s FT Weekend feature – How to see through the smoke and mirrors of architects’ and designers’ fees

—10th October 2018

RedBook founder Sandy Mitchell uncovers the complexities of how architects and interior designers charge for their services.

It is essential to appoint an architect or interior designer at the very start of most property projects, but how do they charge for their services?

In another front-page article for FT Weekend, Sandy unravels the mystery surrounding fee structures and what you can do to keep a control on costs.

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“When you launch an ambitious project to transform your home, or build a wonderful new one, with the help of an architect and interior designer you may be ready for some surprises — but probably not for the head-spinning complexities of the charging system.

The payment structures in this industry are myriad and often mysterious, and it is hard to exaggerate the bafflement — blurring now and then into suspicion — that fee proposals can provoke.”

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